Ernst Thaelmann VEB

“K3 in ellipse/oblonged circle mark”

East Germany/DDR

Since the 14th century, craftsmen in the town of Suhl, Germany, deep in the Thuringen Forest, have been known as the world’s finest weapons makers. Suhl Arms Production factory in the former East Germany, the USSR handed over the factory to German Democratic Repuplic (GDR), 1952 the government renamed it to “VEB Fahrzeug- und Gerätewerk Simson Suhl”. Little by little the production of sporting guns started again.. In 1898, the Merkel brothers founded a factory in Suhl that was the first to industrially manufacture over-and-under guns. The Merkel factory grew rapidly, and in 1914 the production line introduced side-by-side (SxS) shotguns. The reputation of Merkel guns circulated quickly throughout Germany, and then throughout the world.

seen on German MPiAK74N , AK 47 version receiver

(*):(VEB is no trademark! VEB means “Volkseigener Betrieb” or ” people owned factory” …so aside from “Kombinat”s,the “VEB”s where one common form of socialist production units throughout the whole GDR/DDR usually held apart with a socialist heroes name like Ernst Thaelmann)

German (Oval K3)