US AK Manufacturers

U.S. AK47 Manufacturers & Builders
  In no particular order

Factories where foreign AK47s are / were Manufactured – Click Here

This is old, stay tuned for an updated map of US AK manufactures and buildersUSA-001


  • Horns Custom Rifles
  • Ewbank Manufacturing
  • AK-USA Manufacturing Inc.
  • Marshall Arms
  • Arsenal Inc
  • Vector Arms
  • Ohio Ordnance Works
  • Robinson Armament Co Robinson Armament Co
  • Piece of History Firearms LLC
  • Global Trades / Armory USA
  • Ohio Rapid Fire
  • Krebs of Krebs Custom, Inc
  • Red Jacket Firearms
  • Firing Line
  • Vulcan Arms, Inc.
  • Russian American Arms