AK47 Pistol Grip

AK47 Pistol Grip Assembly

This is the typical pistol grip system. The bolt goes through the grip the nut comes down through the receiver and holds the grip on

AK47 Pistol Grip
AK47 Pistol Group

Pistol grips are one of the parts that can be switched to US made versions to comply with federal laws when building or modifying an AK47 Pistol grips come in wood or plastic There are almost as many pistol grips available as there are types of AK47 rifle, and many people collect pistol grips

One of the parts on the 922(r) Compliant US parts count list

AK47 Pistol Grip Screw

This bolt holds the pistol grip on

AK47 Pistol Grip Nut

There are a few types of these, some AK47 versions have this mounted to the receiver so it’s not always a separate part