AK47 Upper Handguard

Front Upper Handguard Assembly
AKS Gas Piston Tube

Here’s our video of how to remove the wood from the metal tube
How to remove the upper handguard from the gas tube on an AK47

Upper Handguard

This is a standard wood top handguard. Watch the video above to see how it fits onto / into the gas tube

One of the parts on the 922(r) Compliant US parts count list

Pressure Ring

This is not on every AK47 version, It’s designed to keep the handguards tight in case they shrink or were cut small

Ventilated Handguard with Piston Tube

These are aftermarket items usually made in the US. The idea is to keep the top handguard cool with holes, but the top handguard rarely gets warm let alone hot. I have one of these on a Fiberforce stock which looks cool