ARSENAL factory

– ARSENAL factory
“ARSENAL” Ltd. is a modern infrastructure plant specialized in machine-building and the production of small arms and artillery systems, ammunition, powders, primers, pyrotechnic products, hard- alloy tools etc. Its history dates back to the beginning of 1878. Arsenal produces many models of assault rifles, grenade launchers and anti-aircraft guns including small quantities of NATO caliber weapons. Its most notable weapon is the Kalashnikov, ‘regarded as one of the East bloc’s finest, and over 1 million of the submachine guns found their way from here (Bulgaria) to the armies and armed gangs of the world’.

ARSENAL Co. produces a number of products for civilian use such as industrial machines and tools, anti-hail rockets, signaling rockets, items for the mining industry, and others. production and trade of processing and non standard equipment, cemented carbide materials and tools, small arms, artillery systems, accessories for them, ammunition, primers, powders, charges, pyrotechnic products.

Arsenal Co., 100
Rozova Dolina St., 6100
Kazanluk, Bulgaria

Las Vegas , NV
Fax 702-643-2088