How to build an AK47

We worked with Chris Horn as he builds AK47 rifles and AK47 pistols at his workshop near Flagstaff, AZ. Since no one in the US has the same equipment they use in Russia or Europe, US builders have developed multiple methods of building their US made AK47s.

We’ve broken down the assembly of a US made AK47 into 12 steps that we will illustrate with text and images here. Videos are also available at

Keep in mind all information and photos are for informational use, our instructions are not an attempt to include every aspect of building a safe rifle. No amount of explanation can replace experience. We worked with Chris Horn who has built literally thousands of AK47 rifles and AK47 pistols in the last few years. His skill at building quality rifles is a result of his interest, abilities and proper tools to do the job.

Choosing a AK47 Parts Kit
Taking apart the AK47 Parts Kit
Folding the US AK47 receiver from a flat
Setting rails in place, support pin, drilling holes
Removing the barrel
Installing trunions into the US AK47 receiver
Installing the trigger guard & magazine latch
Installing the barrel
Installing the Trigger Group
Troubleshooting and Test firing
Finishing the AK47
– Bolt Hold Open
Final assembly