Lucznik factory

Lucznik factory in Radom. State Armory in Radom employs 6,000 workers and produces the Kalashnikov assault rifle

“number 11 mark”

When independence has recovered after 123 years Poland, problem of structure of arms industry defends become for she (it) case of unusual weight. Network of plant (bet) did not exist on ­ polish practically zie miach if (or) factories arms production occupying Russia cause in period of annexation.

it defends project of investment, radom plant of weapon was that, andrzej has been approved (validated) by in (to) 1922 director of plant of radom weapon become (stay)

from 22 april 1927 factory of weapon and it has proceeded under management of state plant of arming. It produce in 1926 year in factory within day 250 rifles already. It had at disposal in (to) 1939 2.300 already FB szt.

Factory of weapon produced in 1930 year on supply for yugoslavia 30 thousand of pistol.

Lat (summer; year) was banner product of plant (bet) by almost fifty rifle of soviet project engineer Kałasznikowa. There is weapon about highest degree of reliability, for fairest construction included in the world. However, polish rifles were modernized with success and by radom project engineers improve ( 7,62 mm AK-47, kbkAKM, ) kbkAKMs. It process near the end summer (year) seventieth and it produce parties of prototypes on missiles about carbine educational samopowtarzalnego kal. 5,6 Mm,

TANTAL called. Unfortunately, it has receded from program MON, on result, lose ideal for instruction of (training of) archer that „ assistance scientific ” not only military < military >. New rifle construct year in (to) 1988 on ammunition 5,45 .mm emerged shortest change later TANTAL ONYKS, for cartridges in mid-year ninetieth 5,56 .mm adapted < accommodate > also, storm rifle construct BERYL and shortest version MINI-BERYL wz. On ammunition 96 kal. It is possible to furnish these rifles with produced in tarnuv 5,56 .mm 40 mm howitzer PALLAD, dwójnóg and bayonet.

FACTORY OF WEAPON has taken over tasks „ ” ŁUCZNIKA ŁUCZNIK – ADVICE (COUNCIL). Company become (stay) before insolvency of metal plant (bet) several month zawiązana, by 30 june 2000 year „ ” s.a. ZM ŁUCZNIK and agency of development of (evolution of) industry. It are not limited factory for production of carbine only BERYL, engine pistols GLAUBERYT and for in a uniform services pistols WALTHER.

SPORT prepare civil versions of rifles for fans of shooting weapons „ ” called ADVICE (COUNCIL) Beryl, which (who) shoot cartridge remington .223. Civil recipients (receivers), amateurs have windfall first-class sports strzelectwa, these carbines for hand in version with wood flask (butt) taking or it fold metal.


Weapon Factory “ŁUCZNIK” – Radom ( limited liability company) was founded on 18th August 2000. It continues glorious traditions of small arms producers in Radom like: Weapon Factory (which was a part of State Armament Factory and “ŁUCZNIK” Metal Plant, respected on world market. Nowadays, we produce modern small arms units like: submachine guns PM-98 GLAUBERYT cal. 9 mm PARA, carbines BERYL and MINI-BERYL cal. 5,56 mm NATO, sports carbines RADOM-SPORT cal. .223 REM and personal pistol P99 cal. 9 mm PARA.

26-600 Radom,
1905 Roku street 1/9

NIP: 948-21-82-612
REGON: 672021450