Norinco / China North Industries Group


These are really export companies, and the rifles with these names were contracted from several military arsenals for export by Polytech and Norico

China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) is an enterprise group engaged in both products and capital operation, integrated with R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and services. NORINCO mainly deals with defense products, international engineering contracting, optronic products, chemical products, sports arms & equipment, automobiles and logistics services, etc.
NORINCO faces toward the markets and strives for development of updated high-tech defense products. NORINCO has demonstrated the solid strength of Chinese national defense industry and technology in precision strike systems, amphibious assault weapons and equipment, long-range suppression weapon systems, anti-aircraft & anti-missile systems, information & night vision products, high-effect destruction systems, anti-terrorism & anti-riot products as well as small arms. NORINCO has won trust from clients for its high quality products and excellent services.

” 66 in triangle ” ()

66 – reported on chinese origin metal magazines.