Polyany arsenal (Molot)

Polyany arsenal (Molot)
Vyatskie Polyany Machine Building Plant which uses the trade name “Molot”. Machine Building Plant MOLOT. Polyany manufactures the VEPR Rifle and BECAs shotguns. It possesses modern technologies and equipment, highly-skilled engineers and highly-trained workers.half-century tradition in the production of hunting arms based on Kalashnickov system 40-years experience in the production of motor vehicles and parts production and mounting of Packing Equipment

135 Lenin Street, Vyatskie Polyany,
Kirov Region, 612900, Russia
+7 83334 26611
+7 83334 22199; +7 83334 21832

“star in shield mark” ()

(5 pointed outlined star in shield)
seen on RPK drum mags and bakelite RPK 74 (5.45×39) 45 rnd synthetic mags.