Taking apart the AK47 Parts Kit

Taking apart the AK47 Parts Kit

Now that you’ve chosen a good kit, and are ready to start on your AK47 build, you’ll need to remove some parts from many of the AK47 parts kits available today. Some kits have these steps done for you, some kits were never made into rifles and these steps wouldn’t be required.

First remove all the parts from the bag your kit came in. Look over the parts for defects, areas worn from use, or missing parts. Remove the full auto trigger parts that wouldn’t be legal to use for your build.

Next steps involve tools, here we go. Take the wood parts off the front end unit (top & bottom handguards) also remove the cleaning rod if your AK47 parts kit included one.Also remove the wooden stock assuming that you have one of those. Your left with all the metal parts from the original AK47, a few are still attached to the old parts of the original receiver usually.

So the next step is the trigger guard and safety selector stop plate. Put the magazine catch into a vice. First go after the 4 rivets together in the front. Grind the rivets from the inside of the original receiver to avoid any permanent marks to your new rifle. Grind the heads all the way off and since you won’t need the piece of original receiver, if you grind into it a bit that’s OK. Next pry the old receiver piece off. Grind the rivets again to make removing the safety selector stop plate easier. Use a cold chisel to pry the safety stop off the trigger guard, then grind the rivets again to make popping them through the trigger guard easier without bending the metal.
Next remove the rear rivet to remove the trigger guard from the old receiver. It’s pretty easy, just be careful not to bend the trigger guard in the process.

Tip: Watch the trigger guard during disassembly, sometimes on torch cut AK47 parts kilts the trigger guard is weakened from the heat and it can bend or break easily. Use caution and go slowly so you keep your trigger guard in good shape.
On the rear end of that same receiver piece you’ll need to remove the rivets and pry off the old receiver that remains. The trunion is hardened, so you won’t damage it it the process. As before the old receiver is not going to be used again so if you grind into it, it will just make prying off the receiver easier.

Once the receiver is removed from the rear trunion, you’ll need to drill out the rivets. they go straight through, so a drill press would work, but a mill is much stronger if you have access to one. The trunion is hardened so you probably won’t hurt it during the drilling but you might break a few bits learning this step.