Tula factory


Tula factory

Tula ( Tuljskaja Gubernija) was in 1891 a District or Province of European Russia. Previously, Tula belonged to the District of Moscow until 1777 . The District was about 200 km south of Moscow, and covered roughly 31,000 square kilometers with approximately 1.34 million inhabitants in 1882. The District was rich in natural resources such as , iron, and was very suitable for cottage industries. Tula, the capitol of the District was known to have areas of strong ore deposits situated quite near to it.
The first weapons factory in Tula , was established in 1632.

The city was a prime location for rail access because of the river Upa and in 1882 had particularly good rail connections In the year 1896 armament makers with the aid of 1,400 machine tools could manufacture 913 weapons per day.

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In the last years 19th Century the factory was extended because of the pending production of the three-line rifles and received approximately 1,400 new machines, mostly from France. In addition to the different army rifles, the Nagant pistol, other light arms and edged weapons, hunting rifles and ammunition was manufactured there.

“star mark” (Tula arsenal)

(5 pointed, outlined star)
seen on Russian brown synthetic 30 rnd AK74 (5.45×39) mags.

“star in triangle mark”