Federal State Unitary Enterprise Production Association – Vympel
February 24th 1976 went down in history as a day of founding of a future plant “Vympel” which now called Federal State Unitary Enterprise Production Association “Vympel” (FSUE PA “VYMPEL”).

First the plant was designed as a strictly specialized enterprise for 5,45 mm cartridge production on state customer’s orders.

The enterprise turned out first products in 1982; at the beginning of 1989 cartridge output reached the designed capacity. In the early nineties, in spite of the depression of defence industry and, as a result of it, difficult financial and economic situation, the enterprise could master and carry out the production of several types of military cartridgesincluding blank cartridge, cartridge with steel core bullet model 1943, pistol cartridge, cartridge with enhanced penetration bullet.

The enterprise is proud of its 5,45 mm cartridge with armour piercing core bullet. At present this cartridge is the most powerful and effective one among cartridges of this type, it has no analogues in Russia and abroad. This cartridge excels cartridge with enhanced penetration bullet using by Russian armed forces in 1,5 times.

In 2001 the enterprise is going to put on foreign market Remington and Parabellum hunting cartridge. At present the Association produces 18 kinds of military and sporting-hunting cartridges.

In 2002 “Vympel” is planning to put into production military cartridge 5,56 mm in caliber for selling on foreign market. Besides military cartridge production, the Association mastered production of sporting-hunting cartridges for rifled weapons and also sporting-hunting cartridges of different calibers and bullet types for domestic and foreign markets.

In 1992 Vympel-produced locks for garages came into the market, they were original in design and the plant took out a patent for invention. In 1995 the Association began to produce automobile glass “Triplex”. In mastering of this production, testing laboratories, which do not have analogues east of the Urals, were organized and accredited by Russian state standard. In 1997 section for production of tubular electric heaters was made.

At present the Association intends to increase the production of the whole range of hardware, products for medical purpose, polythene film, linoleum, putty, aeroionizers etc. “Vympel” is the youngest and the most up-to date enterprise among cartridge plants in Russia, it is the only cartridge plant in the Far East.